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Welcome to Our Website.
Now it happens to the best of us all at times, you ding your board. Angry, frustrated and upset or thoughts to that effect, but help is at hand with Dingo's to fix your dings. Dingo's are a North Devon based repair outfit catering for all your minor or major repair needs. Fast and speedy service that won't break the bank. So next time you get a ding give us a ring.

Dingo Boys
Real pics of us...actually working. Ski cuts'em out...Gazman sands'em down. Check out our Skimboards page and Bulletin board and if you wanna know what the surf is doing click on the Eyeball Surfcheck link on the links page. LOOK OUT FOR PICS OF SKI SURFING IN SRI LANKA...COMING SOON IN DECEMBER!!!!
At least Ski will be cozy tucked up in Bed....with his new Travel Kit...(and little friends)



Dingo's Little helper Dingo's Little Helper..
As promised you good people, here she is DINGO'S LITTLE HELPER. As you may or may not know Ski is away in Sri Lanka surfing until early december but board reapirs are still available, either call into LeSport woolacombe or contact me direct (Gazman)
Still to come...

Some of the things I would like to include in our site are, Mates surfing abroad (so email me your pics), Surfers wives (surfing that is!!! or at least holding a surfboard).....